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Membership is open to anyone interested in German, Central European, and Scandinavian culture.

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Contributing memberships at $50 and Sustaining Memberships at $100 help cover HGSCEA’s annual costs, which include a dinner reception at the College Art Association Annual Conference, the annual Emerging Scholars Essay Prize, and travel grants to CAA for junior scholars.

HGSCEA leadership history

February 1997- February 1999

President: Rose-Carol Washton Long
Treasurer: Charles Haxthausen 
Secretary: Reinhold Heller
Newsletter Editor: Peter Chametzky
Board: Rosemarie Bletter, Walter Cahn, Steven Mansbach, Joan Weinstei

February 1999 – February 2001

President: Rose-Carol Washton Long
Treasurer: Reinhold Heller
Secretary: Charles Haxthausen
Newsletter Editor: Peter Chametzky
Board: Walter Cahn, François Forster-Hahn, Maria Makela, Steven Mansbach

February 2001February 2003 and February 2003 – February 2005

President: Steven Mansbach
Treasurer: Rose-Carol Washton Long
Secretary: Maria Makela
Newsletter Editor: Peter Chametzky
Board: Tim Benson, Françoise Forster-Hahn, Reinhold Heller, Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann

February 2005 – February 2008

President: Peter Chametzky
Treasurer: Rose-Carol Washton Long
Secretary: Marsha Morton
Newsletter/Website Editor: Anna Brzyski
Board: Stephanie D’Alessandro, Tim Benson, Éva Forgács, Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann

February 2008 – February 2011

President: Peter Chametzky
Treasurer: Rose-Carol Washton Long
Secretary: Marsha Morton
Newsletter/Website Editor: Anna Brzyski
Board: Tim Benson, Éva Forgács, Barbara McCloskey, Mitchell Merback

February 2011 – February 2014

President: Marsha Morton
Treasurer: Rose-Carol Washton Long
Secretary: Éva Forgács
Webmaster: Emily Pugh
Board: Jay Clarke, James van Dyke, Keith Holz, Juliet Koss 

February 2014 – February 2017

President: Marsha Morton
Treasurer: James van Dyke
Secretary: Jay Clarke
Website Manager: Elizabeth Cronin
Board: Keith Holz, Karla Huebner, Juliet Koss, Libby Otto

February 2017 – February 2020

President: James van Dyke
Treasurer: Marsha Morton
Secretary: Juliet Koss
Webmaster: Morgan Ridler
Board: Kathleen Chapman, Karla Huebner, Jeffrey Saletnik, Adrian Sudhalter

sustaining and contributing members


HGSCEA Sustaining and Contributing Members 2023

Sustaining: ($100)

Barbara Buenger

Francoise Forster-Hahn

Charles Haxthausen

Rose-Carol (Ricki) Washton Long

Maria Makela

Jeannette Redensek

Morgan Ridler

Jeffrey Saletnik

Margaret Schwartz

Sherwin Simmons

Adrian Sudhalter

James (Jim) A. Van Dyke

Contributing: ($50)

Jenny Anger

James Arthur

Rosemarie Haag Bletter

Kathleen Chapman

Jay A. Clarke

Rebecca Houze

Jacqueline (Jackie) Jung

Daniel H. Magilow

Steven Mansbach

Erin Sullivan Maynes

Allison Morehead

Marsha Morton

Elizabeth (Libby) Otto

Laura Tillery

Lynnette Widder

Andres Mario Zervigon

Contributing memberships at $50 and Sustaining Memberships at $100 help cover HGSCEA’s annual costs, which include a dinner reception at the College Art Association Annual Conference, the annual Emerging Scholars Essay Prize, and travel grants to CAA for adjuncts and junior scholars.

letter from the president

4 February 2022

Dear members,

It’s high time for an update.

We had another strong pool of submissions to the Emerging Scholars Publication Prize this year, spanning the entire chronological and geographical spectrum represented by our association. As always, the remarkable quality of the work done by members of HGSCEA made for a difficult decision, but after its deliberations the Board awards the 2021 prize to Sara Blaylock for her article “Being the Woman They Wanted Her to Be: Cornelia Schleime Performs Her Stasi File,” which appeared last year in Third Text. An Honorable Mention goes to Briana J. Smith for “Grassroots Glasnost: Experimental Art, Participation, and Civic Life in 1980s East Berlin,” which appeared in the American Historical Review. Very different in conception and approach, these two articles attest to the methodological range and outstanding quality of the scholarship currently being produced about art and visual culture in the DDR. Sara’s article, driven by scholarship on the secret police in East Germany and by feminist criticism, is an acute close analysis of a single artist’s retrospective performative engagement with the archival traces of her status as an object of surveillance. Briana’s article offers a nuanced account of the varied relationships in the last decade of the DDR between the state and experimental artists, the institutions that supported them, and the urban spaces in which they worked. On behalf of the Board, I want to congratulate both Sara and Briana! We look forward to reading more of their work in the years to come.

It was disheartening to receive CAA’s announcement that the in-person component of this year’s conference has been transformed into another remote event in the face of the latest public health developments. That news forced me to cancel the reservation I had made for our annual dinner and reception for members, which was to have taken place once again at Bistronomic in Chicago. The rest of the show, however, will go on! Most importantly, Jackie Jung is chairing HGSCEA’s sponsored session this year, “Sculpture, Site, and Space: Objects and Environments in Germany, Scandinavia, and Central Europe.” The session, with papers by Luke Fidler, Oeystein Sjaastad, Megan Luke, and Ewa Matyczyk on, respectively, the Braunschweiger Lion, Leif Erikson’s ‘Cult’, Site Specific Sculpture around 1930, and the Brodno Sculpture Park, will take place on Thursday, February 17, from 4:30 to 6 pm CST. (See https://caa.confex.com/caa/2022/meetingapp.cgi/Session/9776)  In addition, the Board’s annual business meeting will take place on Friday, February 18, at noon CST. All members are welcome to attend; if you are interested in doing so, email me and I will send you a zoom link.

I would like to end by making everyone aware of two things. First, the Board is soliciting proposals for HGSCEA’s sponsored session for CAA’s conference in 2023. As the separate announcement which just was sent out indicates, the deadline for submissions is February 17. Second, the Board is planning a number of remote events for members over the course of the year. The first, about which we are very excited, will be a special curator’s tour through MoMA’s “Sophie Taeuber-Arp: Living Abstraction.” More details will be forthcoming soon, but the tentative date and time for this event, is Friday, February 25, at 9 a.m. EST, which we hope will make the remote tour through the show accessible to as many of our North American and European members as possible. Mark your calendars, and be looking for a separate announcement very soon!

Wishing you all the best,

Jim van Dyke

HGSCEA President


HGSCEA membership is open to anyone interested in German, Central European and Scandinavian culture. A membership year is based on the calendar year. It begins on January 1 and ends on December 31.

Membership benefits:
listing in the HGSCEA on-line member directory
subscription to the HGSCEA listserv
right to submit items for the HGSCEA website
right to submit paper proposals for HGSCEA sponsored symposia
right to submit proposals for the HGSCEA Session at the CAA Annual Conference
Current HGSCEA members presenting a paper on any panel at CAA who are either graduate students or have received their PhD within the last five years are also eligible to apply for a travel stipend of up to $250.

Membership levels:
regular: $30
student: $15
contributing: $50
sustaining: $100

Contributing memberships at $50 and Sustaining Memberships at $100 help cover HGSCEA’s annual costs, which include a dinner reception at the College Art Association Annual Conference, the annual Emerging Scholars Essay Prize, and travel grants to CAA for junior scholars.

To Pay Dues:

Questions: contact the HGSCEA Treasurer at treasurer@hgscea.org

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hgscea: current board

2020 – 2023


James A. van Dyke, vandykej@missouri.edu
Associate Professor, Department of Art History
University of Missouri-Columbia


Adrian Sudhalter, treasurer@hgscea.org
Research Curator, Merrill C. Berman Collection, Rye, New York


Jenny Anger, ANGER@grinnell.edu
Professor and Chair of Art History
Grinnell College

Website Manager:

Morgan Ridler, morgan.ridler@gmail.com
Independent Scholar, New York

Board Members:

Nina Amstutz, namstutz@uoregon.edu
Associate Professor
University of Oregon

Thor Mednick, thor.mednick@utoledo.edu
Associate Professor, Art History
The University of Toledo

Jeffrey Saletnik, saletink@indiana.edu
Associate Professor of Art History
Indiana University Bloomington

Nicholas Sawicki, nis408@lehigh.edu
Associate Professor of Art History
Department of Art, Architecture and Design,
Lehigh University

As a membership organization dedicated to encouraging communication and fostering partnerships, HGSCEA solicits all comments, suggestions, and criticism regarding its various activities.

Questions regarding HGSCEA membership should be directed to: Adrian Sudhalter, treasurer@hgscea.org

Submissions as well as all questions, suggestions, and comments regarding the HGSCEA website and email list should be directed to: Morgan Ridler, webmanager@hgscea.org

All other questions, suggestions, and comments should be directed to the current HGSCEA President: James A. van Dyke, vandykej@missouri.edu