letter from the president


Dear All,

It was wonderful to see so many HGSCEA members at CAA giving excellent papers, chairing important sessions, being acknowledged for their outstanding work, and socializing with gusto. We had a lovely dinner at the home of Ricki Long, who graciously offered to host our dinner in her beautiful apartment, and it was especially nice to meet the new members who were able to attend.

The organization is thriving, with about 120 active members – 65 of whom joined the dinner this year. We had another first-rate session this year, chaired by Paul Stirton, with speakers from North America, Central Europe, and Scandinavia. And we were very pleased to award the Emerging Scholars Publication Prize to Shira Brisman for her article “Relay and Delay: Dürer’s Triumphal Chariots in the Era of the Post.” (Michael Sanchez received an Honorable Mention for “A Logistical Inversion: From Konrad Lueg to Konrad Fischer.”)

The society had a good year financially, with expenses balancing income, and we welcomed many new members, including doctoral students or scholars early in their careers. The bulk of our members live and work in North America, but we have some, new and old, who live in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Norway, and New Zealand. As the new HGSCEA President I am also pleased to announce our new Board: Marsha Morton (Treasurer), Juliet Koss (Secretary), Morgan Ridler (Web Manager), and Kathleen Chapman, Karla Huebner, Jeffrey Saletnik, and Adrian Sudhalter (At-Large Members).

We are now working on the HGSCEA session for 2018 and will soon begin the process of finding a location in or near downtown Los Angeles for next year’s reception and dinner; please let us know if you have any ideas or leads. In October we will issue the call for submissions for the sixth annual Emerging Scholars Prize and review small travel grant requests submitted by eligible members (graduate students and young scholars) who have had papers accepted to any session at CAA. If you know of other possibilities to support scholarship in our area or have ideas on how to improve HGSCEA’s ability to serve its members, please bring them to the Board’s attention. And please continue to send your updates – recent publications, grants, and other scholarly achievements – to hgscea.updates@gmail.com.

Many thanks to the entire HGSCEA membership for its commitment, without which the organization could not exist. I especially want to thank outgoing Board Members Keith Holz and Libby Otto and outgoing Secretary Jay Clarke for everything that they have given to HGSCEA during their terms. Finally, let’s hear it for Marsha Morton, our past President and new Treasurer! Her leadership has been invaluable.


With best regards,

Jim van Dyke

HGSCEA President