HGSCEA at CAA 2022 Chicago

Call for Papers

Sculpture, Site, and Space: Objects and Environments in Germany, Scandinavia, and Central Europe

Jacqueline Jung (Yale University)

From the ancient Jupiter Columns marking divine presence in Roman provincial settlements, to statues of notable men that glorified the military and political exploits of the past, to abstract memorials to the victims of modern mass atrocities, sculptural objects have long shaped people’s experience of public space, social relationships, historical consciousness, and sacred/mythical time across German-speaking lands, Scandinavia, and Central Europe. This session examines the manifold ways in which sculptural objects have harnessed meaning from, activated, and transformed the spaces around them, whether primarily through their formal aspects, their representational content, or their material presence.

The session casts a wide geographic and temporal view: topics might include large-scale, free-standing public works in urban settings or rural landscapes; works of immoveable architectural sculpture; objects made for distinct interior spaces, such as tomb effigies or altarpieces; or works in museums whose very dislocation, far from their point of origin, calls attention to the power of objects to both collapse spatial-temporal distances and reaffirm them.

 The deadline for paper proposals is September 16, 2021. For instructions on how to submit a proposal, see: https://www.collegeart.org/programs/conference/proposals

To submit a proposal or ask a question, contact Jacqueline Jung at: jacqueline.jung@yale.edu